As one of the only projects of its kind in the nation, the Bloomington Community Orchard is on the forefront of sustainable living and community building. Incredible, dedicated volunteers have worked thousands of hours to carry the Orchard from its first community meeting in February 2010, through two major grants and two community-wide planting days, and onward to harvesting and maintaining a place they love. Thanks to hundreds of community members who voted in the Communities Take Root contest, representatives from Edy’s and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation came to town to provide the trees and instruction for our first planting.

The Orchard will contribute to Bloomington’s food security, inspire joyful community engagement, and educate citizens while making sustainability delicious. The Orchard is a nonprofit organization that operates in partnership with the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department. A volunteer Board of Directors approves major Orchard decisions. Volunteers have organized into teams and committees, and each has a board member as the team or committee leader.

Check out the minutes archives from their monthly meetings. You can also read our Bylaws, approved at the 2012 annual meeting, or see the Orchard’s letter of determination.


Dream, build, and share an orchard community.


To inspire communities to cultivate thriving systems of sharing and growing fruit.

These values statements guide us toward our vision.To learn more about how we’re living our values, check out our strategic plan.


Orchard cultivars are carefully chosen to thrive in our region. This key shows the cultivar for each number in the map below; final cultivar selection was based on research for Indiana’s climate and the availability of cultivars at nurseries.

Orchard Layout


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