Stephen Hale, Chair
Stephen Hale

Stephen helps the Operations team and leads the compost operation–he was the mastermind behind our new hugelkultur bed.

Teresa Dunn, Vice Chair
Teresa Dunn


Hannah Martin, Secretary
Hannah Martin

Hannah got involved with the Orchard through a service learning class. She immediately fell in love with the Orchard and when her service learning class ended she couldn’t imagine not continuing to volunteer.  Hannah is the the chair of the Junior Stewards program, board member, secretary of the board, and a work and learn day leader. 

Sarah Ryterband, Treasurer

Sarah came to Bloomington for its rich community. She takes great joy in helping the Orchard come to fruition. Sarah says she learns, shares, and reaps the rewards of the Orchard.

Josh David
Josh David

Josh got involved in 2011 for his love of sustainability-minded community, and stuck around for the inspiring impact…and food, of course! He brings a diverse background in nonprofit and social-profit start-ups, and uses his passion for organizational development to help facilitate the Governance Committee and infrastructure-building projects. Currently, Josh helps oversee the Orchard’s strategic planning, leadership recruitment and development, and partnership initiatives.

Aileen Driscoll


Dani Ansaldo
Dani Ansaldo

Dani has been involved with the Orchard since the first meeting. She was inspired by the idea of having a Commons in Bloomington, a shared public productive green space. She strongly believes that communities need places like the Orchard in order for them to be thriving places to live.  Dani’s favorite season at the orchard is summer; although, she finds something lovely about the orchard during every season. She loves the summer season because there’s something new to see every time she visits by herself or with her kids.  During the summer, it’s usually a little slower paced, and she love being there on quiet Wednesday evenings for the Work and Learn Days.

Ross Gay
Bloomington Community Orchard 8.30.2012

Lena Shumakova