Amy Roche, Chair
Amy also serves as the Outreach Team Chair. She’s a life-long fruit lover and can’t think of much more inspiring than growing and sharing fruit. Amy says she’s here to learn how to do just that, and share what she learns.

Josh David, Vice Chair
Josh has been involved with numerous nonprofit and private-sector entrepreneurial start-ups. Thanks to this experience, he played a large role in the development of the Orchard’s strategic plan. Currently, Josh oversees the Orchard’s governance, leadership recruitment, and partnership initiatives.

Sarah Ryterband, Treasurer
Sarah came to Bloomington for its rich community. She takes great joy in helping the Orchard come to fruition. Sarah says she learns, shares, and reaps the rewards of the Orchard.
Sarah Mihich, Secretary

Stephen Hale
Stephen helps the Operations team and leads the compost operation–he was the mastermind behind our new hugelkultur bed.

Bloomington Community Orchard 8.30.2012
Ross Gay

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Katherine Zilvinskis
Kate leads the Development Committee. She earned her Master’s from the School for of Public and Environmental Affairs and brings loads of fundraising experience to the position.

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Earon Davis

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Teresa Dunn

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Justin Pikramenos

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Tyler Ewigleben

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Dani Ansaldo