Thanks for your interest in the Orchard!   There are lots of ways to get involved – you can subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even come learn some orchard skills and visit the flagship site during one of our weekly Work & Learn Days. There’s room for everyone!


You can also put your favorite skills to work or learn something new by joining one of our teams.  We offer involvement opportunities for students of all ages and experiences.  We’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our growing sustainability efforts, and you can see the specific roles we’re looking for below (generally a ~5 hour/week commitment), though all participation is welcome!  If you’d like to learn a bit more about what each of the teams do within the community, contact us. We look forward to your involvement!


Join a Team

  • Operations: oversees the Orchard’s flagship site, and facilitates the volunteer energy that participates at weekly Work & Learn Days.
    • Work & Learn Day Leader: help lead groups of 3-10 people in orchard maintenance tasks like weeding, composting, and fruit tree care. No experience necessary- training is available.


  • Education: provides educational programming to people of all ages through presentations, workshops, and educational tours.
    • Evaluation Manager: help facilitate our post-class survey efforts, to better understand how we can continue to grow and improve our classes for the community.
    • Research Assistant: help us build a self-service educational hub of resources for our website, so students of all ages can access those orcharding tips from wherever they are.


  • Jr. Stewards: leads our youth educational programming, both on-site and in classrooms.
    • Co-Chair: help plan, organize, and lead field trips to the orchard, classroom visits, afterschool programs, and educational events for children around the community.
    • Educational Leaders (or interns): help plan and lead field trips to the Orchard.


  • Outreach: looks at prospective opportunities and partnerships for the Orchard to consider, plans our annual festival series, and supports those wishing to get involved or start their own orchard.
    • Co-Chair: help plan, organize and lead our efforts to get more fruit trees in the public landscape, while collaborating with organizations and communities to grow our impact.
    • Partner Plantings Manager: help plan and coordinate our spring and fall free-fruit tree giveaways, and our demonstrational planting efforts around the community.
    • Event Planner: help plan and coordinate our seasonal festival series, semi-annual volunteer appreciation events, and other fun festivities through the year.


  • Volunteer: collaborate with other teams, to help cultivate and steward our incredible volunteers.
    • Volunteer Coordinator: help connect interested community members to various programs and roles within the organization.
    • Stewardship Manager: help organize volunteer cultivation and stewardship activities.
    • Database Manager: help manage our volunteer database, and share volunteer insights for organizational awareness and improvement of our efforts.


  • Communications: responsible for maintaining a connection between the Orchard and the community. They create the monthly newsletter, press releases, flyers, and manage our social media.
    • Co-Chair: help plan, organize and lead our marketing efforts, and oversee our website content updates, to share the Orchard’s programs and activities with the community.


Join a Committee

  • Governance: oversees strategic planning, leadership recruitment and cultivation, policy creation, and general organizational development.
    • Co-Chair: help recruit and develop new leaders, while identifying ways to help us grow as an organization.


  • Finance: provides fiscal oversight and budgeting prowess to the board, while ensuring the financial integrity and stability of the organization.
    • Treasurer/Finance Chair: help oversee our finances, and report on progress to the board.


  • Development: oversees the fundraising and grant-seeking activities that fuel the orchard’s mission and impact, while stewarding the community donors who help support our cause.
    • Events Manager: help plan and coordinate our fundraising, donor stewardship and cultivation events.
    • Grants Manager: help research and evaluate grant-funding opportunities that align with our efforts, and write grant applications that share the compelling story of the Orchard.


Join the Board

If you are interested in learning more about our unique style of governance, and potentially becoming a board member yourself, feel free to contact our Governance Committee – we would love to have your strategic insights help us dream, build and share our Orchard mission and community.