MLK Day project


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Be a part of the incredible change taking place at the Orchard. Check our Calendar for the upcoming Work and Learn Days to see if the day’s activities meet your interests. Take a look at our levels of volunteer commitment to choose an activity that fits you.


The Bloomington Community Orchard is divided into teams and committees. Whether you want to put your favorite skills to work or learn something new, there’s a place for you. Contact our volunteer coordinator at if you are interested in joining any of these teams, or contact the team directly at the e-mails below.


The Development Committee  monitors performance, identifies challenges, rallies the other Board members and Orchard members to help when needed, and makes sure that fundraising gets the time, attention, and support from the board and the Orchard members that it needs.

The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board of directors.

The Finance Committee helps the Board maintain the financial integrity and stability of the organization by providing oversight of its budget and investments.

The Education Team provides educational programming to people of all ages through presentations, workshops and educational tours, consultation, and representation at community events.

The Junior Stewards Team provides hands-on youth education and engagement activities through community outreach events, student tours of the orchard, and enriched learning by offering the opportunity to see and eat the orchard’s bounty.

The Outreach Team looks at prospective orcharding opportunities for the Orchard to consider and supports people who want to start orchards of their own in finding the information they need.

The Operations Team organizes workdays and connects volunteers with Orchard activities. They determine what projects will happen at workdays, who is going to be involved, and what needs to happen to prepare the Orchard for these activities.

The Communications Team is responsible for maintaining the connection between the Orchard and the community.

The BCO-IU Team is working to establish a campus orchard community through campus plantings and events by developing partnerships with student organizations, faculty, and administration.